UniPrint A3 UV Printer

UniPrint A3 UV Printer

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A3 UV printing is a digital printing technology that utilizes UV ink and light to print an object. It prints the ink directly onto the substrate and cures it immediately with the help of UV light. As a result, you get top-quality prints that have true colors.

A3 UV printing has been used in several industries to make products more appealing and valuable. You can use an A3 UV printer for card printing, phone case printing, embossed printing, leather printing, etc.

Digital printing A3 has several advantages over the conventional printing method. It is affordable, environmentally friendly, durable, and quicker.

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How A3 UV Printing Works

A3 format printing is suitable for small flat objects that fit A3 size. The printing process is comparatively quicker as UV light cures the ink in a moment.
UniPrint A3 UV printer adopts a simple design and comes with EPSON print head XP 600 for quality and consistent performance.
The panel of the printer is straightforward and ensures easy operation. This compact-size UV printer lets you print any color as it has CMYK+W or CMYK+W+V (optional ink colors). The printer has a stable movement because of its high precision guide rail.
The printer lets you adjust the print height up to 10cm. Therefore, you can use it for several flat things, such as picture frames, phone cases, and more.

Machine Parameter

Model A3
Nozzle Configuration F1080-2 (EPSON XP600)
Max print size 320mm*450mm
Print height 10cm or can be customized
Print speed 3mins for A3 size format printing
Print resolution  720*360dpi 720*720dpi 720*1080dpi 720*1440dpi
Print material Type: Acrylic, Aluminum, Ceramic, Foam board, Metal, Glass, Cardboard, Leather, Phone case and other flat objects
Ink Color 4Color(C、M、Y、K) ; 5Color(C、M、Y、K、W); 6Color(C、M、Y、K、W、V)
Ink type UV ink. Solvent ink, Textile ink
Ink Supply System Continuous Ink Supply System
UV Curing System LED UV Lamp / Water cooling system
Ink Capacity 250ml per color
Rip software Maintop 6.0 standard/ Photoprint optional
Image format TIFF,JPEG,EPS,PDF etc
Voltage AC110~220V  50-60HZ
Power supply 500W/350W
Data interface 3.0 high speed USB interface
Operation System Microsoft Windows7/10
Operating environment Temperature: 20-35℃ ; Humidity: 60%-80%
Machine size 800*700*520mm /45kg
Packing size 880*750*670mm /65kg
Packing way Wooden package (plywood export standard)

A3 UV Printer Features


1. High resolution Prints

UniPrint A3 UV Printer uses EPSON printhead XP600, having F1080-2 nozzle configuration. The printer gives you high printing resolution of 720*1440dpi. Apart from this, the printer uses Ultra RIP (Raster Image Processor) software that ensures high color fidelity, accurate color management, and premium-quality pictures.

2. A3 Print Size Printing

UniPrint A3 small UV printer gives you the perfect A3 size print of 12.6*17.72 inches (320mm*450mm). This small flatbed printer is suitable for home as well as limited-size businesses such as photo studios, advertising agencies, apparel decoration, signage making, etc. With this print size, you can easily print ledger paper, photo sizes, postcards, envelopes, and more.

Image by Mika Baumeister

3. Unlimited Colors

UniPrint A3 small UV printer uses CMYK+White or CMYK+White +Varnish inks. The combination of these colors can make thousands of new colors. You can print whatever color you want. For the dark background, you can use white ink. If you want to give your print a glossy finish, you can use varnish.

4. User-Friendly

The UniPrint A3 UV Printer is user-friendly. Set the height of the print head according to the substrate. (Maximum our printer can support medias height below 10cm) Make the necessary printing settings and give the printing command. That's it. This A3 digital printer comes with a siphon ink system, continuous ink supply system, and low ink alert device to make the printing process smooth and straightforward.


5. UV Based Ink

The UniPrint A3 UV printer uses UV ink and a UV curing process. Since the ink gets dried and cured instantly, there is no waiting time. You can customize your products on time and fulfill customers’ orders quickly.

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