• Custom T-shirt Printing with DTG

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    Custom T-shirt printing has become a fun yet effective marketing tool for businesses of all types. It helps them build their brand identity and customer loyalty significantly.
    Nowadays, customers and employees do not hesitate to wear a digital print T-shirt, provided that it is well designed.
    With the modern POD (Print on Demand) technology, it is possible to get T-shirt print on demand and in bulk. Digital printing lets you print desired design patterns straight onto the T-shirts. Therefore, it saves both time and money.
    Businesses in T-shirt retail can take their business to the next level with custom T-shirt printing. Even brands that need logo T-shirt printing for brand awareness can go for it.

    Advantages of
    Custom T-Shirt Printing


    No Color Limit

    UniPrint Tee printing machines feature CMYK O R G B 8 color ink. As a result, it can print thousands of colors.


    Low MOQ

    UniPrint can fulfill small T-shirt digital printing orders on your request. We welcome 100 PCS T-shirts per design

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    Fast turnaround

    UniPrint offers quick turnaround (7~10days) t-shirt printing. Based on your order requirements and location.


    High-Resolution Prints

    Our cutting-edge T-shirt printing technology gives you superior printing quality with 720x2400dpi high-density resolution.


    Eco-Friendly Textile Ink

    UniPrint takes pride to announce that it provides sustainable shirt printing. Its water-based textile ink is eco-friendly


    Flexible Printing

    UniPrint offers custom clothes printing. We use different printing platforms to meet customers’ flexible demands.

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    How To Custom Print Socks

    Working steps for you to follow

    Step 1: Select Your T-Shirt Model/Color

    At UniPrint, we have a wide range of plain cotton T-shirts in stock. Choose the T-shirt type as per your requirements. You may also send your T-shirts to be printed. However, make sure that they have a higher percentage of cotton material. DTG T-shirt printing works best with cotton T-shirts.

    Step 2: Make Your Design

    Whether you want logo T-shirt printing or a 3D print T-shirt, make your design on your computer. We will provide you with an exact layout for custom T-shirt printing. You can create designs using applications like Illustrator or Photoshop based on that layout. Send that design to us in JPEG, PSD, TIFF, or Ai format.

    Step 3: Make Sample Printing

    If you want samples for printing based on the design you send us, we can provide you. Sample printing might take between 3 to 7 days. UniPrint will send you a physical sample for your confirmation.
    Note: Sample printing is paid. Get to know the price at sales@uniprintcn.com

    Step 4: Sample confirmation

    Review our sample. You can confirm it if you like the sample. After your confirmation, we will proceed with your order for custom T-shirt printing.

    Step 5: Payment arrangement

    Once your order is confirmed, deposit 30% of the payment. You can pay the rest of the amount after the completion of apparel printing.

    Step 6: Delivery

    UniPrint will notify you when your custom T-shirts are ready for delivery. Now you can pay the rest of the amount and get your T-shirts delivered. For small quantity orders, we use Express, while for bulk clothing printing, we use sea shipping.

    Color & Size Options

    UniPrint got 25colors t-shirts for your options.

    25 colors

    9sizes are available

    t-shirt size chart

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is Custom T-shirt Printing?

    Custom T-shirt printing is a printing technology that lets you create any preferred design onto a T-shirt. The material of the T-shirt should be cotton, silk, linen, or any other natural fabric. However, T-shirts with a higher percentage of cotton are often preferred. DTG T-shirt printing uses the aquatic inkjet technique, which is easy on the pocket and the environment. What sets custom T-shirt printing unique is, you can print graphics straight on garments.

    What Are the Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Printing?

    People who work in the T-shirt retail industry can benefit greatly from custom T-shirt printing. We all know that custom T-shirts have higher prices than plain T-shirts. Besides this, custom printing is an ideal way to market your brand. With logo T-shirt printing, you can bring awareness about your product.

    What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Custom T-shirt Printing?

    At UniPrint, we accept small quantity orders as well as bulk T-shirt printing. Our DTG shirt printing technology can print even one-piece T-shirts per design. However, we have set an MOQ of 100 T-shirts per design, considering the labor cost and other expenses.

    What Colors Can Be Printed on Custom T-Shirts?

    Color options are limitless when it comes to tee printing. No matter, whether you want black T-shirt printing or high-end T-shirt printing, color options are endless.
    Our direct-to-shirt printing technology uses C, M, Y, K, O, R, G, B, 8 colors ink. The blend of these eight colors can make thousands of new colors. We also use White ink for dark background T-shirts.

    On What Types of Materials Can I Get Custom T-shirt Printing Done?

    At UniPrint, we provide custom T-shirt printing on all types of cotton, silk, and linen T-shirts. Besides T-shirts, we provide printing services for hoodies, tote bags, pillow covers, silk scarfs, and more.

    Will I get Good Printing Quality on T-Shirt Printing?

    UniPrint ensures premium-quality printing, whether you need a 3D Print T-shirt, Black T-shirt printing, or graphic T-shirt printing. It has state-of-the-art DTG printing, featuring EPSON print heads to provide high image quality. The printer gives you 720x2400dpi high-density resolution.

    What Are the Sampling Charges for Custom T-Shirt Printing?

    UniPrint insists its customers check out some samples before placing the order for bulk T-shirt printing. It gives you an idea about the quality of digital print shirts. We do not charge for our existing printed T-shirt samples. However, if you want to check your design printing on a cotton T-shirt, it would be paid. However, we refund the sampling fee if you place an order for 1000 pcs of T-shirts later. Get in touch with our sales team to learn sampling charges for single T-shirts. You may email at sales@uniprintcn.com.

    What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    You can pay for your orders via T/T, Western Union, and PayPal. Choose any of the mediums you prefer.

    Do You Have a Return/Refund Policy?

    Before we proceed with T-shirt printing, we provide you with samples. After your confirmation, we take the next step. Therefore, there should be no doubt about the quality of printing. Since it is a custom order, we won’t be able to return orders and refund the payment. After all, we cannot sell your orders to other customers.
    Nevertheless, UniPrint provides a full return and refund in case it's their fault. For example, if we deliver wrong size or poor quality products to you.

    What Are the Shipping Charges for T-Shirt Printing?

    The shipping cost for custom clothes printing depends on the type of shipping service you choose, and the distance of your location. If you want
    T-shirt printing in less quantity, choose the express mode. You will not only save money, but you will also receive your order on schedule. In case you have ordered bulk T-shirt printing, Sea shipping mode will be a good choice for you.
    UniPrint has tie-ups with several shipping agencies. Therefore, we ensure on-time delivery at the best possible price.

    Is Your Custom T-Shirt Printing Eco-Friendly?

    Yes, the UniPrint T-shirt printing service is completely safe and environmentally friendly. After all, it utilizes water-based pigment ink.