sublimation printer 2015

sublimation printer 2015

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UP 3200-15 sublimation printer is suitable for businesses that take sublimation printing orders in bulk. The printer comes with 15 print heads and gives a print resolution of 1440x2880dpi. You get a super printing speed of 550㎡/h with single-pass and 270㎡/h with double-pass. Furthermore, you get a maximum print width of 2000mm.

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Model UP 3200-15
Head type EPSON I3200-A1
Head qty 15PCS
Resolution 1440*2880dpi
Technique On-demand piezoelectric jet inkjet technology,Automatic cleaning, automatic flash spray moisturizing function
Printing speed 1pass:550㎡/h; 2pass:270㎡/h
Ink Colors C M Y K
Max Ink load 10L/color
Ink type Sublimation Ink
Printing Width 2000mm
Printing Media Sublimation paper
Max Feeding 1m Diameter roll
Max Roll up 3000m
Media transfer Cots transmission/automatic tension retracting system
Drying External intelligent air-heat integrated dryer
Moisturizing mode Fully sealed automatic moisturizing and cleaning
RIP Software Support Maintop6.0、PhotoPrint、 Print factory etc.   Default  Maintop6.0
Image format JPG,TIF,PDF etc
The PC operating system Win7 64bit / Win10 64bit
Hardware requirements Hard disk: more than 500G (solid-state disk recommended), 8G operating memory, GRAPHICS card: ATI display 4G memory, CPU: I7 processor
Transport interface GigE Vision
The standard configuration Intelligent drying system, liquid level alarm system
The work environment Humidity:35%~65%  Temperature:18~30℃
Voltage AC 210-220V   50/60 HZ
Printing system 500W standby, 6000W working
Drying system Max∶12000W
X Motor 750w servo motor
Y Motor 750w servo motor
Roll up Motor 750w servo motor
Unwind Motor 1500w servo motor
Machine size 4661*1302*1981mm/1100KG
Packing size 4700*1300*2000mm/1200KG


Using epson I3200-A1 print head, TFP film piezoelectric technology + 2.5PL variable ink drop function, accurate positioning of ink drop, the image color level is richer and fuller, the printing effect is more exquisite
Intelligent sprinkler cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient sprinkler cleaning and maintenance functions, more convenient operation and maintenance
Gigabit network data transmission port, meet the requirements of digital printing hd picture output stability and transmission speed
High-quality imported accessories: THK mute guide rail, Japan NSK bearing, Germany igus ink chain system, Leadshine servo brushless integrated motor, etc., smooth movement, longer life, tell the movement can effectively reduce the resistance and noise in the operation of ink car
Anti-collision trolley frame: can adjust nozzle height freely according to different printing consumables, widely used, easy to adjust, increase anti-collision device at both ends, give nozzle more comprehensive safety protection.
Expansion shaft type retracting and unwinding system: adjust air pressure automatically. Make the force uniform, make the paper more smooth. It has the characteristics of large load bearing weight, long service life, even loading and unloading force, short inflating and deflating operation time, etc
The unique swing bar in the winding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is stressed evenly throughout the printing process, and the paper is smooth and tight, avoiding the tightening.
Intelligent induction drying system: intelligent infrared fan can be used for heating and blowing at the same time, realizing the humanized design of automatic closing of printing stop fan to ensure that the picture is not damaged.
Adsorption platform: the material can be better adsorbed to the platform, to ensure the flatness of the material, improve the smoothness of the paper, to ensure the stability of printing
Precision machined parts: 15heads all aluminum ink stations
Large independent winding, the maximum winding roll of 16000m

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