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    Advantages of DTG Printing

    DTG or direct-to-garment printing is an advanced printing solution that lets you make prints directly on-to-cotton fabrics. Let us look at some advantages of DTG printing below.

    ● Print on Demand (POD) Technology

    DTG printing is an ideal printing technology for people wishing to start a custom t-shirt printing business. DTG printer supports print-on-demand. It means you can print T-shirts in small batches.
    Since there is no minimum order quantity in DTG printing, several retail brands and marketing firms are taking advantage of it. You can use a DTG printer to produce customized products.

    ● High-Resolution Printing

    DTG printing gives you high-quality image printing of 720*2400dpi. The UniPrint DTG printer features EPSON print heads that ensure high-quality and long-lasting prints.
    As digital printing is performed straight onto the textile, it doesn’t crack or wear quickly. A DTG-printed t-shirt can withstand up to 50 washes. DTG printing also involves the pretreatment process that improves print quality.

    ● Wide Applications

    DTG Printing is capable of accommodating a wide range of applications. Since DTG printers use water-based pigment ink, it makes fine prints on natural fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo. DTG printing allows you to print on cotton t-shirts, silk scarves, sweatshirts, tote bags, pillows, etc. Additionally, DTG printing gives you multi-size printing options. Therefore, you can meet the flexible requirements of your customers.

    ● Eco-friendly Printing

    Digital printing is one of the most environmentally-friendly printing technologies. DTG printer uses water-based textile ink, which is safe for the environment.
    Like traditional printing, it does not use harsh and non-sustainable chemicals. In addition to this, digital DTG printing consumes low energy. People nowadays are drawn to the brands that contribute to environmental protection.

    UniPrint DTG Printer Advantage Features

    UniPrint DTG Printer is an Industrial grade printing machine that provides beautiful designs or patterns printed on garments. From the machine advanced technology involved, you can get an idea about “how the DTG printer works” from the following points:

    ● 8Colors+ White Ink System

    UniPrint DTG printer lets you print on both light color and dark color t-shirts. You can print logos and images of unlimited colors. It features 8color+white. These colors include cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, red, green, and blue. The UniPrint DTG printer has a scarcity warning system for the ink. Moreover, it incorporates imported heating strips to provide constant ink flow even at low temperatures.

    ● Genuine EPSON Print head

    The UniPrint DTG printer features a genuine EPSON i3200-A1 printhead. Not only does it support print-on-demand technology but also provides a high printing resolution of 720x2400dpi. The printhead is ideal for water-based inks and gives high productivity. Because the EPSON printhead regulates the size of ink droplets, you get high printing accuracy.

    ● RIPRINT RIP Software

    UniPrint DTG Printer uses the RIPRINT RIP software. You can use this image processing software to convert JPG, PDF, and Photoshop files into raster or bitmap images. The software lets you manage several file types and sizes. It also helps you determine the resolution and pattern of the printed product.

    ● Double Platform Printing

    UniPrint DTG printer with dual-platform makes the operation easy, especially when you have to do bulk printing. While you print t-shirts on one platform, you can make another t-shirt ready for printing on the second platform. It speeds up the process and saves time. The size of these plates is 450x550mm. When you combine both plates the maximum print size reaches 650*950.

    ● Sturdy High-Density Frame

    UniPrint DTG printer adopts a full steel high-density frame. Even after years of use, you won’t notice signs of deformation. It also supports carriage-installed anti-collision systems. Therefore, the print head remains safe during the printing process. We have used premium quality electric parts in the printer. For example, it has an imported German Igus towline that makes minimum noise. Additionally, you get a limit sensor to ensure the accuracy of moving plates.

    ● User-Friendliness

    The UniPrint DTG printer is easy to set up and takes a small space. You do not require that much setup when working with a DTG printer. DTG printing helps you do printing on all types of cotton garments quickly. You can give faster output as per the current market trends. Our DTG printer also has a touchable screen panel to perform various operations.

    Video/ Parameter/Advantage in Components

    Technical Parameters
    Advantage in Components

    UniPrint Industrial grade DTG Printer

    DTG (Direct to Garment) printing is a process of direct printing designs or photos onto garments, It adopt inkjet technology of POD (Print on Demand) to print any design you like onto the shirt. we can also call T-shirt printing as mainly DTG printer is used for T-shirt printing. or Digital Garment printer etc...
    UniPrint DTG Printer maximum equips with 4pcs I3200printheads. speed up to 60seconds per shirt printing. with 2plates, customers are able to print more efficiently. further, it’s more friendly for printing large-size t-shirts since 2plates can be combined as 1big size plate.

    Technical Parameters
    Printer Model DTG 200
    Platform Size 450mm*550mm 2Platforms950mm*650mm Combined
    Print heads Epson i3200   2 or 4PCS Optional
    Cleaning system Automatic intelligent cleaning nozzle
    Print resolution 480*2400DPI
    Ink Type Textile Pigment Ink
    Ink Color C M Y K O R G B+ White
    Ink Volume 500ml/Color+1500ml/W
    Ink Supply Negative pressure intelligent circulation stirring system
    Printing speed Light color t-shirt
    Dark color t-shirt
    Printing Height 20mm
    Fabric Type Cotton, Linen, Silk, Nylon, Polyester, Wool and Cashmere
    Ink cure Heat presser 180°C for 35sec. (support for small production.
    Tunnel heater 150~160°C for 2mins. (support for mass production)
    Time and temperature may be varied depending on different dryers.
    Operation Languages English, Chinese.
    Operation system Windows WIN7/ WIN8/WIN10 (32bit/64bit)
    Interface TCP/IP, GIGABit network port
    Software Print Exp/Riin
    The control panel 10-inch integrated touch screen
    Image Format Png, Jpg, Tiff
    Voltage/Power 1200W, AC220~240V,50~60HZ, 5A
    Working environment Temperature: 20~30°C.
    Humidity:60~70% (without condensate)
    Noise 50DB
    Machine size/weight 1628*2200*1281mm/480kg
    Packing size/weight 1728*2300*1381mm/580kg
    Advantage in Components
    1. 4Pcs Japan EPSON  I3200 printhead. With high resolution and speedMinimum Ink drop is 3.5pl. Making the picture more delicate. Epson I3200 head has 3200 nozzles, resolution 600npi, jetting frequency is higher than DX5 and xp600, and also color saturation, printing speed, printing accuracy are better
    2. Imported Japanese THK guide, Imported High-Quality Electric partsEfficient & durable Japanese THK guide rail, at the same time of ensuring the life span up to 10years, noise can be controlled less than 7db. Adopt imported electric spare parts, which convenient for customers to purchase spare parts for a quick replacement locally
    3. Split type intelligent circulation stirring system/mixing systemWhen the white ink is in a static state, due to the large proportion of titanium dioxide, it is easy to precipitate. Therefore. When the machine is not working. The circulation system is still working at a fixed time. So that the whole ink supply system is still running.  The ink in the ink tank is stirred at a fixed time.  And two functions are alternately carried out to ensure that the ink does not precipitate.
    4. Double plate interactive work to achieve the highest printing efficiencydouble plates of 45*55cm. combined plate 95*65cm. easily to print any fashion brand with large size printing. press frame design. Make the clothes flat and safe for production operations.  Fast switching platform replacement design. Easy to deal with different sizes of clothing.
    5. The industrial design of ergonomics makes the user work more comfortableSimple & elegant design. The more you use it. The more you like it. The more beautiful it looks.

    Related Products

    Uniprint Offer You Related Products Such As Pretreatment machine, Heat press, Tunnel heater Etc, Includes Inks. They’re Necessary Parts For Custom T-Shirts Printing Production Set Up

    Pretreatment Machine

    UniPrint pretreatment machine helps you coat T-shirt fabric with a pretreatment solution. The cotton fabric requires some pretreatment before you apply prints to it. This automatic pretreatment equipment spreads pretreatment solutions evenly over T-shirts. The machine also has a speed controller to adjust the speed of spraying.

    Heat Press

    UniPrint heat press is an ideal investment for small T-shirt printing firms having limited space and budget. The heat press machine aids in the curing process. It helps you dry the print ink and cure it until it is ready for adhesion. You have to cure the cotton T-shirt at 180°C for 35seconds. However, depending on the fabric type and inks, temperature and time may vary

    Drawer Heater

    The drawer heater also helps with the curing process similar to the heat press. The heater is suitable for mid-sized businesses. It comes with an automated conveyor for bringing fabric inside. The machine speeds up your DTG printer process. The temperature of the drawer should be 150-160°C for 2mins.

    Tunnel Dryer

    The UniPrint tunnel dryer also helps you with the heating and curing process. It is somewhat similar to the drawer heater, but it has more capacity comparatively. We have designed it for T-Shirt printing companies that do mass production. If you want a customized tunnel dryer, we provide that as well. You can cure up to hundreds of T-shirts per hour with a tunnel dryer.

    Inkjet Ink

    Inkjet ink for T-shirt printing is Pigment ink. Pigment ink is eco-friendly ink. Its textile use water-based inkjet ink. what's more important. we offer both domestic ink and Dupont ink. we have 8color of C, M, Y, K, O, R, G, B also additional White ink. suitable for bot light color and dark color for vivid printing. UniPrint offer you ink solutions along with printing machines

    About UniPrint Digital

    UniPrint, your reliable source for DTG Printing machines. We're dedicated to providing you with all T-shirt Printing Solutions. UniPrint is a Printer Supplier in CHINA. With over years of experience in this Digital Printing Industry. Our primary key is Quality Product & Quality Service. UniPrint is always trying to provide customers with high quality, fast delivery, and the most friendly service in China. We always maintain the concept that long-term business relationships are based on customer satisfaction through qualified products and superior after-sales services.

    One-Stop Solution

    UniPrint provides a complete digital DTG printing solution under one roof. UniPrint can help you whether you require a DTG printer or supporting equipment such as a tunnel heater, drawer heat, or pretreatment tools.

    On-Time Customer Service

    UniPrint provides you with on-time customer support. You may connect to us 24/7 via WhatsApp, WeChat, Email, and Phone calls. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn the price of the DTG printer and its shipping.

    Warranty Policy

    You get a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. UniPrint will provide free repair during this period. Ink system/accessories parts are not covered under warranty. You also get free online guidance for the installation and maintenance of the printer.

    Multiple Payment Methods

    At UniPrint, we provide you with convenient payment methods. We accept payment via Western Union, T/T, PayPal, etc. You can pay through any medium you like.

    International Packaging Standard

    UniPrint follows international packaging standards. We assure you that you will get the printer received safely at your place. We use wooden boxes to pack the printing machine. It prevents damage during transportation.

    On-Time Delivery

    UniPrint is committed to delivering products on time. Depending on your location and the shipping method you choose, you can expect to receive a DTG printer within 3 to 4 weeks.. Remember, customized printers may take a little longer.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is DTG Printer?

    DTG or Direct-to-garment printer lets you print directly on garments. It uses textile pigment ink straight onto cotton t-shirts. As a result, you don’t get problems like the print peeling, cracking, and distorting. It is an ideal investment for small and mid-sized businesses that want to create customized cotton garments for their customers.

    What is the lifespan of a DTG print?

    If you print accurately, DTG print can endure 50+ washes. Most of your customers will find it satisfactory provided that you pre-treat your textile.

    What is the difference between DTG Printer and Sublimation Printer?

    DTG printer allows you to print directly onto the clothes. On the other hand, sublimation printing involves printing on sublimation heat transfer paper. In short, you transfer the print from the paper to the cloth.

    What equipment do I need to start the DTG printing business?

    A DTG printer is an excellent investment if you want to establish a t-shirt customization business at a low level. DTG printing does not require a massive investment. Apart from the DTG printer and its accessories, you may invest in a pretreatment machine and heat press/drawer heater/ tunnel dryer for the heating.

    If you are just a startup and printing clothes in a small volume, you can pretreat clothes manually or using a spray gun. Similarly, a heat press is adequate for a small batch of clothes. Drawer heating and tunnel dryer heating equipment are designed for large volume printing

    With a DTG printer, how many colors can I print?

    There is no color limit in DTG printing. The UniPrint DTG printer has 8 colors+white ink system. These colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, RED, Green, and Blue. The printer can generate millions of new colors by blending these eight colors. White ink helps you print on dark color garments. You create a white layer as base and then print other colors on it.

    What is the price of a DTG printer?

    Well, there is no straightforward answer to this. The price of a DTG printer depends on its print quality, origin, shipping charges, and more. Chinese DTG printers are more affordable than European printers. China has an abundance of raw materials used to make DTG printers. Furthermore, labor cost is competitive in China. To buy an affordable yet high-quality DTG printer, you can contact write to us at lily@uniprintcn.com.

    Can I Use a DTG Printer on all types of Textile Material?

    No, the DTG printer does not support printing on all types of textile material. It is suitable to make the print on cotton and other natural fabrics such as silk, linen, etc. The cotton percentage should be at least 60%.

    How to maintain a DTG Printer?

    Like a traditional printer, the DTG printer does not require significant maintenance. Perform regular cleaning and maintenance steps provided in the manual. Additionally, continue to use your printer to avoid print clogging.

    What else can you print with a DTG printer except for t-shirts?

    Besides cotton t-shirts, you can print aprons,hoodies, jeans, tote bags, silk scarfs, polos, carry bags, mouse pads, and more.

    Is installing a DTG printer difficult?

    No, it is a simple process instead. UniPrint will provide you with a fully step up DTG printer. You have to install things like a power cable, print head, etc. Next, fill the ink and you are good to go.. We will provide you with comprehensive instruction and video for installation.