• High-Performance Spiral Cylinder Printing Solution

    UniPrint Rotary UV Printer UP360D

    Advantages of Rotary UV Printing

    ● Print On Demand

    UniPrint Rotary Inkjet Printer adopts POD (Print on Demand) technology. Therefore, you can print items according to your customers’ demands. The technology lets you take minimum orders as well as bulk orders. It minimizes your cost per print and increases your profitability.

    ● 360 Rotary Printing

    As the name indicates the UniPrint rotary UV printer allows you to print both cylindrical and conical items. However, the object must have a diameter of between 4cm. to 11.5cm. For example, you can use this printer for thermos printing, decorative glass printing, and beverage can print work.

    ● Multi-Object/Material Printing

    UniPrint rotary UV printer lets you print on various cylindrical objects such as bottles, bowls, cups, thermos, etc. The material could be glass, steel, plastic, etc. As a result, it is also known as a glass printer and a bottle printer.

    ● Multi-Size Printing Options

    The UniPrint rotary print machine can print any cylindrical and conical product having a diameter ranging from 40mm to 115mm and a length between 10mm-265mm. Thereby, you can easily accommodate the flexible requirements of your customers. You can also use this rotary inkjet printer for printing on tumblers.

    UniPrint Rotary UV Printer UP360D Advantage Features

    ● Fast Printing Speed

    UniPrint rotary UV printer provides you with optimum printing speed. The printer employs 3rd generation spiral printing technology. Consequently, it takes around 15 seconds to print a bottle 360°. You can print cylindrical and conical objects of 40mm-115mm at high speed. You do not need to change the configuration for items within this diameter.

    Fast printing speed
    CMYK+W+V Ink Configuration

    ● CMYK+W+V Ink Configuration

    The UniPrint rotary inkjet printer has Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black + White, and Varnish (CMYK+W+V) ink configurations. The combination of these colors can yield hundreds of unique hues. With high-quality inks, you can expect to get excellent color brilliance. On materials with dark backgrounds, white and varnish ink produces excellent printing results.

    ● Super Adhesion Performance

    The UniPrint rotary UV printer has an excellent adhesion performance; therefore, printing ink adheres to the substrate perfectly. It naturally increases the lifespan of printing to some extent. The printer adopts unique layer printing technology to assure full adhesion.

    Super Adhesion Performance
    RIPRINT RIP Software

    ● RIPRINT Software

    The UniPrint Rotary UV printer has RIP (Raster Image Processor) software that converts vector images into high-resolution raster images. The software enables you to match the color of an existing design. It helps you create the right color specifications. Moreover, the RIP also calculates the consumable costs automatically.

    Video/ Parameter/Advantage in Components

    Advantage in Components

    UniPrint Rotary UV printer lets you make prints on cylindrical flat objects such as water bottles, cans, glass tumblers, cups, bowls, other drink wares, and promotional products. With a high printing resolution of 900*1200dpi,  the printer provides 360° printing coverage.


    Machine Parameter






    Nozzle Configuration

    Ricoh G5i

    Print Head Qty


    Print Diameter


    Print Length


    Taper Ratio


    Print speed


    Print resolution


    Print Method

    Spiral Printing


    Various cylindrical, cone products like Bottles, Tumblers, Glass, Cups, etc

    Ink Color

    4Color(C、M、Y、K); 5Color(C、M、Y、K、W); 6Color(C、M、Y、K、W、V)

    Ink type

    UV ink

    Ink Supply System

    Continuous Ink Supply System

    UV Curing System

    LED UV Lamp / Water cooling system

    Cleaning System

    Automatic negative pressure cleaning

    Rip software


    Image format

    TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, etc


    AC110~220V  50-60HZ

    Power supply


    Data interface

    Gigabit Ethernet

    Operation System

    Microsoft Windows7/10

    Operating environment

    Temperature: 20-35℃; Humidity: 60%-80%

    Machine size

    1812*660*1820mm /300kg

    Packing size

    1900*760*1920mm /400kg

    Packing way

    Wooden package (plywood export standard)

    Advantage in Components

    The main board

    Main board Shanghai rongyue inkjet main board, reduce ink point and high definition inkjet effect, ensure the stability of the main board and high precision printing process

    X axis motor

    X axis adopts 750W servo drive motor to ensure high speed and stable printing


    Screw Y axis adopts thick screw drive

    The framework

    Frame integrated high density frame, not easy deformation vibration

    The power supply board

    Power board Integrated power board ensures smooth circuit operation

    The wire

    The whole wire machine adopts PET plastic wrapping line processing to prevent circuit confusion and static electricity

    Button panel

    Button panel, convenient for close operation

    Stop lifting

    Emergency stop lifting external emergency stop and lifting buttons, convenient for close operation

    Front led lamp

    The headlamp helps to absorb uv rays and achieve the best curing effect

    Linear guide

    Taiwan silver linear guide rail, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, to ensure the stability of the nozzle car movement

    Synchronous wheel synchronous belt

    Synchronous pulley Synchronous belt high precision synchronous pulley ensures movement and accuracy

    Ink negative pressure system

    Negative pressure ink system intelligent independent negative pressure ink system, eliminate waste

    Print head

    Original Japanese GEN5i print head

    The UV lamp

    UV lamp 1000W high power water-cooled LED-UV lamp, high power water cooler 4 control systems, high life, strong curing.

    Shaft bearing

    Imported shaft bearing ensures machine accuracy

    Tanks towline

    Tank drag chain silent drag chain, low noise, high life

    UV Ink

     UV waterproof ink

    About UniPrint

    UniPrint is a rapidly growing, small-scale digital printing solution provider in China. We are committed to assisting small and medium-sized enterprises that are creative and want to upgrade their products with custom designs. UniPrint is dedicated to offering 100% client satisfaction. As a result, we make no compromises in terms of quality. You will find that all our digital printing solutions pass quality, performance, and safety checks before delivery.

    Knowledge staff

    Knowledge Staff

    UniPrint has been selling rotary UV printing solutions since 2015. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, designers, and after-sale representatives. Our six production lines cover an area of 3,000 square meters.

    one stop solution

    One-Stop Solution

    UniPrint not only provides rotary UV printing solutions but also helps you with printer installation and maintenance. We have a dedicated team to take care of after-sales queries

    quick response customer support

    Customer Support

    We assure on-time customer support to our customers. You can contact UniPrint via Email, Phone, WeChat, and WhatsApp. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Machine warranty

    UniPrint provide a one-year warranty on all printing solutions, except ink system spare parts. You will get free repair and replacement of defective parts during this period.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Rotary UV Printing?

    Rotary UV printing is a digital UV inkjet printing that helps you print cylindrical and conical objects. Like UV flatbed printers, rotary UV printers also use ultraviolet curing technology. People have been using rotary UV printing for printing wine bottles, conical glasses, and cans.

    What Material Can I Print Using A Rotary Inkjet Printer?

    The UniPrint digital rotary print machine can print glass, aluminum, acrylic, wood, plastic, and PE material. Due to its versatility, the rotary UV printer is also known by several names. For example, some people call it a bottle printer, glass printer, UV cup printer, and a can print machine.

    What Is The Work Procedure Of A Rotary UV Printer?

    A rotary UV printer works similar to a UV flatbed printer, but it employs a cylinder fixture that lets you fix your cylindrical objects for printing. The printer releases UV ink onto the material surface that UV light cures instantly.

    flow chart

    What Is The Speed Of A Rotary UV Printing?

    The speed of the rotary printer depends on the printing resolution. For example, if your set the print resolution to 900*600dpi, the printer will take around 30 seconds to print CMYK+White+Varnish. However, if you print only CMYK+White, the printer will take 15 seconds.

    Is There Any Warranty For A Rotary UV Printer?

    The UniPrint digital rotary print machine has a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults. There is no guarantee for the ink system or spare parts. However, you will get lifetime after-sales service.

    Can I Get A Sample For Rotary UV Printing?

    We have a variety of existing samples at UniPrint that you can look at. If you want to have your own sample tried, contact our sales team at: sales@uniprintcn.com. You can send your item for free sampling.

    How Long Does Printer’s LED UV Lamp Work?

    There are several factors that contribute to the life of a UV lamp. You can expect our LED lamp beads to last for about 20000 hours.

    How To Maintain Rotary Uv Printer?

    It is advisable to provide your printer maintenance as per your supplier’s instructions. Keep the outer surface dust-free so that it does not settle inside and clog the nozzles. At UniPrint, you will get in-depth instructions for cleaning and maintenance.


    What’s The Size Of The Rotary UV Printer?

    Machine size Length 1812mm*Width 660mm* Height 1820mm