Industrial Socks Steamer

Industrial Socks Steamer

Short Description:

Industrial socks steamer which is customized steamer for digital socks printing use. especially for cotton socks, bamboo socks, wool socks. these natural fiber would need high temperature steaming process to make the inks/colors fixed into yarns.

Socks steamer include 2trolleys which developed for customer to have easier operation. due to after printing, the inks on the socks not dried. so only socks toe part can be operated and hook into trolley for nex steaming process.

Machine can be customized if larger production capacity. this model is regular model with 200pairs/cycle. (a reference qty, difference will be subjected to different socks model)

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Product Details

This Steamer is specially designed for digital printing products, can be used for socks sample and socks bulk production.

the main technical parameters are as follows:

the machine is made of high quality stainless steel 304.

Equipped with temperature control, timing, intelligent anti-seepage color patent technology, automatic evaporation and other functions.

Evaporation mode: hanging steaming and tiling can be selected

Model UP ZQ1228
Function Ideal for reactive/acid digital printed socks use
Steaming Capacity 400 Pairs socks/Hour
Steaming temperature 105°C / Adjustable against your steaming products
Steaming time 15~20mins per cycle/ Adjustable against your steaming products
Voltage 380V/3PHASE  50~60HZ
Heating power (kw) 30kw
Steamer features 1. The machine adopts 304 stainless steel to make the inner  and outer box.

2. Bottom heating tank.

3. Equipped with temperature control and timing.

4. Automatic inlet water tank.

5. Electric Heating or Steam dual use and other functions.

6. Double insulation cabinet.

7. 4pcs moving wheel are  installed at the bottom of the steamer box.

8. Machine include 2stands and 2trollys

Heating condition  Electric Heating / Steam     (Optional)
Trolley dimension(mm) 850mm*790mm*1800mm
Dimension(mm) 1200mm*1200mm*2800mm
Total Weight(kg) 500KG

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