Tunnel Dryer

Tunnel Dryer

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Tunnel Dryer for Digital Printing T-shirts Curing(Bulk Production Use)

Tunnel Dryer can be customized length according to production needs.

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Standard Product Specifications:
Item Model Belt width Infeed length Outfeed length Height Total width (KW)Power/m
1 H800-S 0.8M 0.8M 1.2M 1.1M 1.18M 8KW
2 H1400-S 1.4M 1M 1.67M 1.1M 1.78M 11KW
3 H1900-S 1.9M 1M 1.67M 1.1M 2.28M 15KW
4 W800-S 0.8M 0.8M 1.2M 1.1M 1.18M 7KW
5 W1400-S 1.4M 1M 1.67M 1.1M 1.78M 9KW

Note: The above data is standard product specifications.belt width,infeed and outfeed length can be customized according to customer requirements.


Quick drying, good effect, simple operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, excellent performance, powerful, durable, low maintenance rate, energy saving save electricity above 30%. 

Fuselage shell: Fine steel material to make a hard and durable of the fuselage, the whole body of the lacquer that bake to imported cars chassis not to drop paint, does not rust, easy cleaning, beautiful appearance design and easy!

From a small production shop to large scale drying operation, this series are multi-purpose dryers that can handle water-based textile inks, direct-to-garment inks as well as traditional plastisol and solvent-based evaporative inks.

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