Drawer Heater

Drawer Heater

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UniPrint Drawer Heater for Digital Printing T-shirts Curing.The Drawer heater can be customized size, 1layer, 2 layer, 3layers etc. Heating control for each layer is seperated.

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Heater specifications

Model Amount of drawers Dimension of drawer(cm)  Overall dimension(mm) Voltage Total power
CTG-1 1layer 860x750 (Mesh belt size) 1180(W)x1300(L)x330(H) 220V 3 (kw)
CTG-2 2layers 860x750 (Mesh belt size)x2Layers 1180(W)x1300(L)x600(H) 220V 6 (kw)
CTG-2 3layers 860x750 (Mesh belt size)x3Layers 1180(W)x1300(L)x900(H) 220V 9 (kw)

Model features

1. The internal cold air of the equipment enters the container in front of the exhaust fan through the air trough at the bottom of the oven box on the left side. The container is placed with a filter screen to prevent dander, cloth scraps, wool and other sundries from entering the fan. Clean air is transported to the heating wire by the exhaust fan to absorb heat, and the exhaust pipe is arranged between the heating wire and the fan mouth, so as to discharge the wet air. Fully absorb the heat of the gas concession road from a box on the right side, the fabric of large area in the air to be evenly absorbed quantity of heat, so as to achieve the effect of drying, and cooling the air enters into the bottom of the left side of the wind in the smoke exhaust fan run trough, the gas circulating in the closed box, constantly bring heat to the cloth or clothes. The top heating plate speeds up the initial heating and reduces the startup waiting time. During the operation, the problem of excessive temperature loss caused by hot air flowing away after the front door is opened is solved by increasing heat appropriately and quickly.

2. The iron furong net used to carry the cloth has the advantages of high temperature resistance and long service life. It is novel, light and practical combined with the solid aluminum alloy net frame structure. The bottom of the net frame is equipped with two pulley rails, and the front door pulley with sliding, smooth, less noise. The mesh frame is driven by the middle chain at the bottom, and the entry and exit stroke can be adjusted by the stroke induction motor. There is a graphite copper guide rail between the chain and the mesh frame to ensure that the mesh frame is not held and stuck by external force.

3, the front door is provided by the spring device on both sides of the closing force, automatic closing, saving manpower. The door is equipped with transparent glass, easy to observe the drying of cloth during operation, and there are sealing strips around the interior to ensure that the box is sealed and prevent heat loss. When the net frame pops up, the two regulating wheels on the door to prevent the net frame from running off, but also play a supporting role, to prevent most of the net frame extended sometimes caused by sagging phenomenon. When there is something abnormal in the box, the door can be opened manually.

4. The heat dissipation system behind the oven is mainly composed of four fans. The cold air is inhaled from the right fan and the heat is taken away from the left fan. The screen cover is also arranged on the left side. You can open the cover and remove the screen for regular cleaning and maintenance. In this way, the customer's digital printing equipment can be placed on the upper surface of the oven, or the bracket can be removed directly. There are four foot pads under the equipment, which can be placed on the customer's desk to save space.

5, the machine control operation electric box is set on the right front end of the oven, adhering to the right hand operation habit of workers. Before factory packing, the operation of the electric box can be inside, save the cost of packing the wooden box, when the boot can be directly manually pulled out, convenient, beautiful and firm.

6, the size of the single-layer oven specifications: 1300mm (length) x1180mm(width)x330mm(height), the bottom frame 1140mm (length) x1030mm(width)x600mm(height). Oven can be multi-layer superposition, each increase the height of a layer for 270mm, and the bottom side of the corresponding lower height, network surface operation height is always maintained between 700mm~1000mm as well. The highest height of net surface and door frame is 140mm, that is, the highest height of clothing can be placed.

7, control panel with touch button, LED indicator light, light sensing, digital tube display temperature and time. To adjust the temperature and time, just touch the screen with your fingers. With open door alarm function, when the preset temperature is reached, the drawer countdown automatically pops up. Designed the second gear function, normal gear, the drawer can countdown automatic pop-up; Standby gear, closed door to maintain constant temperature, drawer will not automatically pop up.

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