Heat Press

Heat Press

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Heat press machine is specially designed to curing printing t-shirt/garments

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Model JC-5HC
Item: Manual Heat Press Machine
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 2.2KW
Heating Size: 40*60CM
Time: 0~999s
Temperature: 0~399℃
Product Size: 78*73*44CM
Product Weight: 45KG

Machine Advantages

New magnetic attraction function, timing automatic rise, can double improve work efficiency, easy and convenient.

The bottom plate adopts pulling operation mode, which is convenient and fast to put clothes, prevent scald, safe and reliable

Full digital control over those two parameters. Temperature Range: 0 to 399 ℃, Time Range 0 to 999 seconds, Electronic time and heat control, the precise time set up.

Pressed down the handle, it provides industrial strength, pressure, and even temperature to the surface, guaranteeing the transfer to last on the garment.

Turning the pressure adjustment knob clockwise will increase the pressure on the panel. Please try a few times to set the desired pressure setting.

Non-Stick Teflon coated heat plate; provides even pressure and prevents scorching/burn marks.

Machine details

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