DTF PET Heat Transfer Film

DTF PET Heat Transfer Film

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This high-quality DTF film that are compatible with UniPrint DTF printer. The printed film can be transferred on a wide range of fabrics including cotton, nylon , polyester or blended materials. Film printing using high quality DTF film transfer and powder will ensure successful transfer and vivid colors.

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Product Name DTF PET Heat Transfer Film
Material PET
Application Textile garments, caps, totes, pillows, shoes etc
Type Heat Transfer
Color Transparent
Place of Origin China
Brand Name UniPrint
Size 60cm width*100m/roll
Transfer Time 10-15 Sec
Transfer Temperature 130-160℃
Usage Heat Transfer T Shirt Clothing
Samples Provided
Quality Transfer Great Effect
Thickness 75um
Ink support Pigment Water Base Ink
Printer DTF Printer
Packing size/weight 63*15*16 CM/ 8KG
Storage condition it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 68°F -82°F( 20°C -28°C) and 40-60% RH

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