Electric heating oven for socks

Electric heating oven for socks

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Electric socks heater is customized machine for digital printing socks.  espcially for polyester socks.  cotton socks etc…

Socks heater adopt  conveyor turning system. which easier for operation. once hook socks into the heater, after 1 round turning. fixed color socks comes out.  heating temperature can be adjust according to your socks.  speed control adjustable, the front panel which for moving in and moving out can be adjust height against your socks length.

Heater designed with indiviual control cabinet aside. provent the electric components aging from long term use.  fully steel contructure with painting.

Stainless Conveyor system 40pcs/Cycle, Heater capcity with 300pairs/hr (estimated curing time 3.5mins, difference will be subject to your detail socks) suitable for small scale printing production with 6socks printers.

Larger Production heater can be customized against your production capacity.



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Item Electric heating oven for socks
Model UP 2016
Voltage 220~380V/50HZ 3Phase( Customization )
Heating power 15KW
Operating temperature range Room temperature+10~250℃
The temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Cabinet temperature uniformity ±5℃
User's common temperature 50~200℃
Heating system:
Heating element W-type stainless steel tubular electric heating generator with 2.5KW per piece and a total of 6 pieces, and the total power of heating components is 15KW, and the continuous service life can reach more than 50,000-60,000hours
Number of Heating Elements 1 set of 6 pieces
Heating element device Lateral air duct
Machine cabinet material:
Machine structure overview This type of equipment used on both sides of the casing duct wind, corresponding to the top of the air duct cyclic heating return air pressure type, form a complete set of stainless steel transmission chain circulation, heating pipe installation within the oven side duct, circular motor installed at the top of the oven, the previous design combined to open the door, can adjust the size of the door, the corresponding internal hanging chain operation, convenient take put products, hook installation for socks. The electrical control box is mounted on the side of the box, which can effectively prevent the high temperature in the box from affecting the aging of the electrical components in the electrical box.
Specification and size:
Working cabinet dimensions L1500*W1050*H1200MM
Overall dimensions L2000*W1400*H2000MM (Side hanging control box+250mm)
Packing size L2100*W1700*H2100MM
N.W./G.W. 400KG/500KG

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