UniPrint UV Flatbed Printer UV2513

    Advantages of UV Flatbed Printing

    UV Flatbed printing technology usually applies to advertising industries.  Due to it’s instant ink curing on the printing substrates. UV printing solutions get popular in so many applications, such outdoor/indoor signages, promotional gifts, home decorations etc.  Let us look at some advantages of UV printing below.

    ● Multi Size Printing format Options

    UniPrint Digital offers a wide range of UV flatbed models to meet your unique printing needs. There is a small size 6090 model, mid-sized 1313/1316 model, and large-sized 2513, 2030 model. You can print different sizes of products with these models. In addition, we also offer customized sizes to meet our customers' more flexible printing needs.

    ● High Productivity

    Experience the future of print with fast high-resolution UV flatbed printing machines. Print speed can reach up to 18sqm/hr for industrial formats like the 2513 or 2030. Economic models like A3, 6090, 1313, and 1316 are equipped with Epson i3200 printhead speeds up to 3~6sqm/hr. UV flatbed printers ensure a high speed, high productivity operation, producing a clean, smooth, and excellent print quality. Due to the instant curing feature of UV-led inks, printing operations are done quickly.

    ● Extensive Application

    Make the right investment for your business with a UV flatbed printer that easily prints on any flat material such as Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Acrylic, PVC Foam Sheet, Wood, MDF & PVC Doors, 3D Lenticular sheets, etc. Flat surface applications are endless, depending on the creativity of the user.

    ●Multiful-color Printing

    With UniPrint UV Flatbed printer, you can achieve vibrant color printing. The printer with Ink system of CMYK+White , CMYK+LC+LM+W or CMYK+White+Varnish optional. with white ink base printing layer, customer could print on dark background substrates. and with multi layer in spot white and varnish on the top. you can acheive vivid 3d printing effect.

    UniPrint UV Flatbed Printer 2513 Advantage Features

    ● Original Ricoh Gen5

    UniPrint UV flatbed printers adopts Original Ricoh Gen5 printhead(G6 is optional). Single-pass 600dpi high-resolution printing and support for multiple ink colors. Ricoh printheads have excellent durability
    and extended service life. The multi-drop capability allows the creation of a range of drop sizes enabling grey-scale printing.


    ● Low Ink Alarm System

    UniPrint UV flatbed printers come equipped with a Low Ink Alarm system. When the UV ink quantity is less than one-third, the UV printing machine will automatically show a LED light signal to alert you to refill ink. No need to interrupt printing operations anymore due to low ink.

    ● Energy Conserving

    UniPrint UV flatbed printers are equipped with UV LED lights. Compared with a mercury lamp, LED light is safer and conserves more energy. UV LEDs are popular because they last up to 20000 hrs and maintain the optimal performance of the printer. They are very stable, have operating reliability, and generally improve the efficiency of printing production.

    Energy Conserving

    ● Negative Pressure Ink System

    Satisfy your customers with beautiful printing without noticeable banding. Our machines come equipped with a negative pressure ink system that ensures that the ink supply is stable and smooth. This ink supply system ensures that even when there is a temperature change, the fluidity of the ink will not be altered to produce the desired high-resolution images.

    ● RIP Software

    RIP stands for Raster Image Processing. UniPrint UV flatbed printer is equipped with RIP software which maximizes print quality, enhances image placement, improves job management, and helps in calculating your cost per print. Designed for UV flatbed printers, the RIP software will give you the power and flexibility to run your business profitably.

    RIPRINT RIP Software

    Video/ Parameter/Advantage in Components

    Technical Parameters
    Advantage in Components

    UniPrint Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

    UniPrint Digital is your reliable digital printing machine manufacturer in China. Empowered with 10 years of experience, we have become the foremost distributor of trusted digital printing machines that take your creativity to new heights.

    We offer digital UV Flatbed printing machine solutions, including a wide range of quality printing machine models. from the small-size A3. 6090, mid-sizes like 1313, 1316, to larger formats like 2513, and 2030, including customized models. Whether you are a first-time client or an experienced business, we invite you to let our 10 years of experience in the digital printing machine industry work for you.

    Technical Parameters
    Model UV2513
    Nozzle Configuration Epson DX5, DX7, i3200, Ricoh G5(Suggested)
    Max print size 2500mm*1300mm
    Print height 10cm or can be customized
    Print speed(EPSON) Production 4m2/H; High-quality 3.5m2/H
    Print speed(RICOH) Production 15m2/H; High-quality 12m2/H
    Print resolution Epson: 720*360dpi 720*720dpi 720*1080dpi 720*1440dpi;Ricoh: 720*600dpi 720*900dpi
    Print material Type: Acrylic, Aluminum, Ceramic, Foamboard, Metal, Glass, Cardboard, Leather, Phone case and other flat objects
    Ink Color 4Color(C、M、Y、K)5Color(C、M、Y、K、W)6Color(C、M、Y、K、W、V)
    Ink type UV ink. Solvent ink, Textile ink
    Ink Supply System Negative pressure Ink Supply System
    UV Curing System LED UV Lamp / Water cooling system
    Rip software RiPrint, Print Factory
    Image format TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, etc
    Voltage AC220V 50-60HZ
    Power supply hosts the largest 1350w, LED-the UV lamp's largest 111-1500w vacuum adsorption platform
    Data interface 3.0 high-speed USB interface
    Operation System Microsoft Windows7/10
    Operating environment Temperature: 20-35℃ ; Humidity: 60%-80%
    Machine size 4111*1950*1500mm/880KG
    Packing size 4300*2100*1750mm /1111KG
    Packing way Wooden package (plywood export standard)
    Advantage in Components
    The main board Main board Shanghai rongyue inkjet main board, reduce ink point and high definition inkjet effect, ensure the stability of the main board and high precision printing process
    X axis motor X axis adopts 750W servo drive motor to ensure high speed and stable printing
    Y axis motor Y axis electric machine Y axis adopts double servo pure motor drive, more accurate walking
    screw Screw Y axis adopts thick screw drive
    The framework Frame integrated high density frame, not easy deformation vibration
    The power supply board Power board Integrated power board ensures smooth circuit operation
    The wire The whole wire machine adopts PET plastic wrapping line processing to prevent circuit confusion and static electricity
    Button panel Button panel, convenient for close operation
    Stop lifting Emergency stop lifting external emergency stop and lifting buttons, convenient for close operation
    Front led lamp The headlamp helps to absorb uv rays and achieve the best curing effect
    Linear guide Taiwan silver linear guide rail, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, to ensure the stability of the nozzle car movement
    Synchronous wheel & synchronous belt Synchronous pulley Synchronous belt high precision synchronous pulley ensures movement and accuracy
    Ink negative pressure system Negative pressure ink system intelligent independent negative pressure ink system, eliminate waste
    Print head Original Japanese GEN5 print head
    platforms Platform anodized aluminum adsorption platform, durable, regional adsorption control
    The UV lamp UV lamp 1000W high power water cooled LED-UV lamp, high power water cooler 4 control systems, high life, strong curing.
    Shaft bearing Imported shaft bearing ensures machine accuracy
    Tanks towline Tank drag chain silent drag chain, low noise, high life
    UV ink UV waterproof ink

    Related Products

    Besiides UV2513, UniPrint Offer different format flatbed printer from small format such as A3 format. UV6090. mid format like UV1313, UV1316. large format UV2030. or customized format, Consumable supplies like UV inks, Coating/Primer Etc, They’re Necessary Parts For UV Printing Production Set Up


    A3 UV Flatbed Printer

    UniPrint A3 UV Printer is one of the Small Format UV Flatbed Printers. A3 size print of 12.6*17.72 inches (320mm*450mm). This small flatbed printer is suitable for home as well as limited-size businesses such as photo studios, advertising agencies, apparel decoration, signage making, etc.


    UV 1313 Flatbed Printer

    UniPrint UV 1313 Mid Format UV Flatbed Printer is designed to produce max print size up to 1300mmx1300mm. This flatbed printer lets you print in resolutions up to 720x1440dpi. You can use it for UV printing on materials like cardboard, metal, acrylic, leather, aluminum, ceramic, and phone cases.


    UV 1316 Flatbed Printer

    UV1316 is another mid-format flatbed printer from UniPrint. The printer uses a high-grade print head. It enables you to transfer desired design patterns onto print media quickly and precisely. This mid-format printer supports maximum print size up to 1300mmx1600mm. You can use it to print any flat objects made out of aluminum, ceramic, glass, leather, and more.


    UV2030 Flatbed Printer

    UV2030 large format UV flatbed printer is another large format UV flatbed printer from UniPrint that you can use for bulk UV printing. The printer has a negative pressure ink supply system to keep the print head stable when printing. The maximum print size supported by this printer is 2000mmx3000mm, with a resolution of 720x900dpi.

    laser cutter

    Laser Cutter

    The UniPrint visual laser cutter enables you to scan and cut the material at the same time. It is a powerful integrated tool that lets you make eye-appealing customized products. This laser cutting machine features a camera on the top that helps with precise cutting. You can utilize it to cut wood, leather, and acrylic.

    UV INK-2

    UV Ink

    UniPrint also provides premium quality UV Ink to help you get superior UV printing. We have CMYK, CMYK+ White, and CMYK+ White+ Varnish ink configuration. The CMYK ink enables you to print on all types of white background color substrates. CMYK+ White is suitable for dark background material. And if you want glossy layer UV printing, you can go for CMYK+ White+ Varnish ink configuration.

    About UniPrint

    UniPrint has 10 years of experience in digital printing machine manufacturing. Our facility incorporates 6 Production lines that cover 3000sqm with monthly printer manufacture output of up to 200units. We are passionate about producing the most reliable and cost-effective printing machine options for your unique business solutions.
    We handle everything from research and development to production, to sale, to transport, delivery, installation, training, and after-sale service.
    Whatever it takes for your digital printing business to excel, we go the extra mile.
    Our customers’ satisfaction is key. By offering you the best digital printing machines and services, our goal is to unleash a new world of unique possibilities for your business, boost your revenue, and establish your brand.


    Customer Service

    UniPrint Digital is a company you can trust to help you. Kindly contact us anytime through email, Wechat, WhatsApp, or phone calls if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products.


    Worldwide Delivery

    Our main market is in North America & European countries,and Southeast Asia, and 80% of our manufactured units are exported. We will deliver by sea or air depending on your delivery option.


    Machine Warranty

    We use international standard export wooden boxes for all machines packages. Once we confirm your order, don't worry, we will take over from there. Your new printing machine will be safely packed with the most environmentally friendly and secure packaging for doorstep delivery.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is UV Printing Technology?

    UV Printing refers to a digital inkjet printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology. Also known as Ultraviolet Printing, the UV Printing process uses special inks (called UV ink) which can cure the printing quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. When you are using a UV flatbed printer to perform a printing task, the UV ink applied is subjected to ultraviolet light from the machine. This UV light instantly cures or dries the ink to the substrate (surface) during the printing process.

    How Much Does A UV Flatbed Printer Cost?

    Smaller sized UV Flatbed printers cost somewhere between $5000 - $8000, while larger sizes cost $20,000 to $50,000. Even though the initial price tags on many of the best large format UV flatbed printers on the market may be unnerving, the potential return on investment for your business can be sky-high – as long as you find the right printer and partner. Feel free to send your inquiry about different configurations of the printhead and printer formats to Lily@UniPrintcn.com.

    What Are Some Factors To Consider Before Buying A UV Flatbed Printer?

    Before buying a UV Flatbed printer, you need to understand which size of the products you would like to print. This helps you decide which printer model to choose from. Whether it's the smaller-sized models like the 6090, 1313, 1316, or larger format like 2513, 2030, or even customized models.

    Another thing to consider is the printing resolution and the printing speed you are looking for. If you receive regular bulk demands from your customer then you should go for the industrial G5 or G6 printhead.  Epson printhead also works great in a smaller format like 6090, 1313

    How Do I Get A Sample UV Printing?

    We are committed to your success and we are always ready to prove it. Kindly contact us at sales@UniPrintcn.com if you would like to have your sample sent to us for printing. You can also request our existing samples. Anyone you choose will be made available to you before purchase.

    Does Uniprint UV Printer Inks Safe?

    UV inks, now widely used in inkjet printing have a special fast cure feature without penetration or evaporation. UV inks have three major characteristics: energy-saving drying, extensive printability to substrates (almost on all materials), and a fast cure to reduce subsequent process times. In printing, the damage to the human body is usually caused by the volatile solvent in the ink, but UV printer ink is without volatilization. So, UV ink is not poisonous. Although UV ink is not poisonous, it is not completely harmless. The UV ink used in UV flatbed printers produces a distinct smell during printing. We suggest the printing workshop is properly ventilated in case of allergies.

    What Kind Of Support Can You Get From Uniprint?

    UniPrint machines have 12 months machine warranty and lifetime after-sale service, including FREE machine training, setup, and continuous operations. You will also receive 24/7 online support for any technical issues associated with our product. UniPrint Digital offers custom service for your unique business needs. Customers can contact us through email, Wechat, WhatsApp, or phone calls. We are happy to answer all customers' machine inquiries and provide overseas after-sale service to you in time.

    Which Market Is A UV Flatbed Printer Best Suited To?

    As the world progresses, the demand of each industry is constantly updated and improved. The printing industry is not left behind, especially with the emergence of the popular UV flatbed printer. A wide range of design products today are being printed using UV flatbed printers, including ceramic tile background walls, carpets, curtains, leather bags, glass, sliding doors, mobile phone cases, etc. Some industries that make use of UV printers include the advertising industry, screen printing industry, high-end gift box processing industry, signage industry, furniture industry, personalized printing, glass industry, exhibition display, cardboard packaging, leather textile industry, mobile phone notebook shells, etc.

    What Can UV Flatbed Printers Print?

    UV flatbed printers can print signage in shopping malls, PVC boards, ceramics, glass, lightbox, phone cases, outdoor and indoor signage, art craft, and wood, including promotion products such as cups, flash drives, keyholders, pens, etc.

    What Are Small-sized UV Flatbed Printers?

    Small size UV Flatbed printers have a bed size of no larger than 36" by 36" and they usually have a high-resolution quality. Although these machines are maybe smaller than their larger format siblings, they are just as technologically advanced - perhaps even more so - and are capable of supporting high productivity demands. UniPrint Digital has small-sized UV flatbed models like  A3, 6090 or mid-sizes like 1313 and 1316.

    What Kind Of Limitations Does A UV Flatbed Printer Have?

    For best results, UV Flatbed printers can only be applied on flat surfaces. Products with uneven printing surfaces will be difficult to print on and usually cause poor printing results.

    How Long Does UV Printing Last?

    UV print inks are widely used in the advertising industry. Different UV ink types are best suited for certain materials. Hard UV print inks are best applied to hard substrates. Soft UV print inks can be applied to leather substrates, while neutral UV print ink can be applied to both hard and soft materials. Typically, UV cured prints have an outdoor durability of at least 2 years without fading. With coating and lamination, UV cured prints can reach up to 5 years or more. However, the specific environment and application in which the print is used will ultimately determine whether the print will last for more or less than 2 years.

    Do UV Flatbed Printers Work Well On All Surfaces?

    Although UV flatbed printers are ideal for a wide range of applications, there are still some jobs that are better suited for roll-to-roll printers. This is mostly due to the ink type. There are oil-based inks & water-based inks. Examples of oil-based inks include UV ink, solvent ink, and eco-solvent ink. Oil-based inks are used in printing non-textile products. Examples of water-based inks include sublimation ink, reactive, acid, pigment inky, and latex ink. Because water-based inks are more eco-friendly, they can be used in textile printing.

    Also, as the name suggests, UV flatbed printers are typically designed to print on flat substrates.  There are hybrid printer models designed to offer the best of both worlds with both roll-fed and flatbed capabilities. UniPrint Digital only has the flatbed UV models in stock for now.

    Does Uniprint UV Flatbed Printers A Good Investment?

    While the upfront cost of any UV flatbed printer may be unnerving, purchasing a UV Flatbed printer is a good investment for your business. Ensure that the printer you are buying is of good quality from a reputable manufacturer. While the upfront cost of larger-sized printers may try to put you off, it has the potential to transform your business operations beyond your imagination.

    What Is The Printing Speed Of A Uniprint Flatbed Printer?

    Different printer models are designed with different printhead configurations. The Epson printhead is found in the smaller sized UV flatbed printers and has a printing speed of about 3~5sqm/hr. Ricoh printheads are more expensive and have a speed of about 8~12sqm/hr. Ricoh printheads are industrial heads. Note that printing quantity and printing pass (resolution) are all factors that affect the printing speed of UV flatbed printers.

    What's The Machine Warranty From Uniprint Digital?

    UniPrint UV flatbed printer comes with a 1-year warranty after the setup of the machine and a lifetime after-sale service. However, note that some spare parts related to the ink system are not included in the warranty contract. This is not just peculiar to UniPrint digital. Some of the factors that may cause the printhead (ink system) damages include human operation mistakes, short circuits of electricity, etc.

    Can A UV Flatbed Printer Print On Fabric?

    UV flatbed printers can print on t-shirts. The inks can be cured quickly as well. However, the result cannot be compared to that from a DTG printer. UV inks cure properly on the flat and hard material surface, not into yarns. We recommend that you use a DTG printer to print on T-shirts.

    What Are Some Safety Measures To Take When Using UV Flatbed Printers?

    UV inks are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are environmentally friendly. However, UV rays irritate when exposed to the skin and eye. When there is prolonged direct contact, it can also lead to chemical blister burns on the skin. As a safety measure, we recommend wearing impervious safety gloves, protective glasses, safety overalls, and safety shoes for machine operators. Also, while the UV printing fumes are not harmful, ensure that your production room is well ventilated because UV printing produces some odor.

    How Long Will It Take Before Customers Get The Delivery?

    Once we confirm your machine order, UniPrint Digital will take the next 15-20 days to produce your UV flatbed printer based on your specification. After that, delivery might be about one month or one week depending on your delivery option, either sea or air respectively.  The only exceptions will be unavoidable circumstances like natural disasters or governmental policies restricting movement to and from your location.

    How Long Can The Ricoh G5 Printhead Be Used?

    The service life of the Ricoh G5 is proportional to the frequency of usage. This is known as ignition frequency. The more you use the Ricoh G5, the less the service life will be.

    Ideally, Ricoh nozzles are designed by manufacturers to be used 300 billion times.

    This roughly translates to 3-5 years of service if you operate your UV flatbed printer for 8 to 10 hours a day. At the end of the service life, the print head will not be broken but you may notice a lesser printing quality.

    Can I Buy A Second-hand UV Flatbed Printer?

    You may consider buying a second-hand printer because of the high cost of new ones. UniPrint Digital doesn’t recommend this. We also do not sell second-hand UV flatbed printers. While the price of second-hand UV printers may be lower, the risks associated with purchasing a second-hand UV flatbed printer are too high. In the long run, you may spend more money maintaining a second-hand UV flatbed printer than you would spend purchasing a brand new one. After-sales service is usually not guaranteed when you purchase a second-hand UV flatbed printer. Also, second-hand UV flatbed printers usually do not come with any warranty.

    What Are Some Tips To Increase The Service Life Of My UV Flatbed Printheads?

    One of the most delicate parts of your UV flatbed printer is the UV print heads or nozzles. Once there is a problem with the printhead, the printer cannot function. Some tips to maintain and increase the service life of UV flatbed print heads or nozzles include

    1. Avoid using tools or your finger to touch the surface of the nozzle. This is to avoid any damage to the surface of the nozzle or blockage by oil, debris, alcohol, or sweat.

    2. Avoid blowing air toward the nozzle. This usually leads to changes in the composition and viscosity of the UV ink causing the ink to condense and block.

    3. Do not turn off the power suddenly when the UV flatbed printer is working. In some cases, when power is turned off suddenly, the UV printer will not be able to perform capping operations on the nozzles. When the nozzles are not capped, they will be exposed to air causing the UV ink to dry and the nozzles will be blocked.

    The right way to turn off your UV flatbed printer is to put it in the OFFLINE state first, then wait for the nozzle to be capped. After the nozzle is capped, you can then turn off the power and unplug it from the power source.